Eden's therapy model was developed over the years by the staff who work with and take care of the girls, as a result of their experience of various practical and theoretical therapeutic approaches. The therapy aims to change the girls’ existing unbalanced and extreme patterns of behavior to a more balanced and fitting response to both ordinary and stressful life situations.  A personal, multi-stage therapeutic program is developed for, and together with, each girl. The therapy model is based upon a combination of two concepts - feminist theory and the DBT approach.

According to feminist theory, our belief is that the girls' personal difficulties are a symptom of social phenomena and derive from inequality, oppression and discrimination on the basis of their cultural backgrounds and gender. The girls conduct an ongoing dialog with the staff during which they eventually arrive at the understanding that the social context they previously internalized has weakened them and led them to underestimate themselves. Challenging the norms in their previous environments is a process that liberates them from feelings of guilt and shame.

The DBT approach assists the girls in taking responsibility for their own lives and gives them the tools to strengthen themselves.  The girls attend weekly individual therapy, daily group sessions and extra-curricular activities which emphasize the learning and practicing of skills and coping strategies to assist them in dealing with a variety of situations. 



Therapy Model