The Residential Home is divided into five houses comprising one reception house, three permanent houses and one graduation house, constituting a therapeutic continuum that begins with each girl's arrival and culminates with her eventual departure.  Upon reception, each new girl immediately moves into Assif House during which an individual therapeutic program is designed and future goals clarified, according to the Therapy Model developed by Eden's staff. After an adjustment period in Assif House, the girls move into one of three multi-age permanent houses each of which is run by its own professional team that includes a coordinator, a social worker, a house mother and counselors.  Each house forms a therapeutic environment that promotes personal development and self-empowerment where the girls are able to grow and develop in a warm, homelike atmosphere, each according to her individual treatment program.  


In their last year at Eden, once the girls are 17-18 years old, they leave the permanent houses in which they have been living and move into what is known as the "Bet Bogrot", meaning both 'graduates' house and 'mature girls' house.  Here each girl lives a more independent lifestyle and receives individual guidance in preparation for leaving Eden.

The Eden Residential Home for Girls