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Occupational Advancement for Biet

Bogrot Residents 


Eden's Graduates Home serves 8 at-risk girls ages 17-18. As part of their transition into adult life they participate in professional courses that will assist them in establishing a career path, and thus brings them closer to financial independence.

We aim to prepare our participants for adult life by providing them with a professional course that will create future occupational opportunities for them. To do this, first of all, the girls chose a professional course that suits their skills and abilities. To ensure the success of this process, the girls consulted with our residential home manager who monitors their hard work and success.

Each course varies in length, some are 3 months and other last for 6 months.

The girls chose to engage professionally in:

Hairdressing Course, Nail Technician course, NLP- Neuro-linguistic programming course.


They are working hard and enjoying expanding their horizon and opportunities. 



Thank you to our Friends in Arizona for supporting this project. 


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