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Ronit Shoval, NGO Executive Director


Currently ED after being associate director and boarding school head master since 2007. 

Founder and developer of the 'Eden' model.  Trained as a Social worker (MSW), Ronit currently teaches and guides teams treating women, girls, and staff working at different residential treatment centers in Israel. Furthermore, Ronit is an expert in CPTSD treatment, treating patients in her private practice for over 20 years focusing on different issues that characterize normative and traumatic aspects in women and girls lives.

Prior to her work as Eden's ED, Ronit was the Director of Eden's residential treatment center for girls and the manager of the Beer-Sheba branch of the National Anti-drugs Association in Israel.


Avital Ben-Porat, Head of Residential Treatment Center  


Currently head of Eden's residential center, after she held variouse other positions at the center for the past seven years. 

Avital obtained her B.A in public policy and administration, as well as graduating a head master boarding school course at TAU. In addition Avital studied hydrotherapy and interior design at Sapir collage.

Prior to Eden Avital managed the Or Shalom community home in Eilat.  

She is also the proud mother of two sons.

Naomi Klerman, School Principle 



Currently the head of Eden's high school. Previously worked as a coordinator at Keden an NGO targeting guvinial deliqunts. Klerman also acted as VP Ort Tzur Barak School and Ort Mahane Emanuel.

She holdes a first degree in education from Ahva College and a second degree in educational advisory from Derbi University. 

In addition to these she also studied NLP, Coaching, and underwent a course in developing personal resilience at the Psyco-Trauma Center in Jeruslem.

Board Members 

Liora Sela-David, Chairwoman of the board 

Israel Miedan, board member 

Amit Rozner, Administration and HR         08-6749739

Nachmi Paz, board member 

Gal Shiloah, Program and content manager 

Anat Gilad, Reasource Development

Shirly Katzir, Founder

Executive Director 1997- 2016


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