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Eden's residential facility

Eden is a therapeutic residential facility, which is located in Kibbutz Carmiya and serves as a home for 60 teenage girls. The facility is comprised of 5 homes:  Assif, Nitzan, Yahalom, Keshet and Bet Bogrot (Atid).

The 5 homes create a continuum from the moment a girl is accepted to her graduation point at the end of her therapeutic process. Each girl starts her process in Assif's house. This is the first home where the girl starts her reception and adjustment period. Afterwards each of the girls moves to a permanent house. In her last year in Eden she will move to Bet Bogrot where she will be equipped with skills that will help her become independent in the next stage in her life.

The residential care is a non-judgmental space where the girls can safely cope with the trauma emotional and behavioral consequences. The staff is skilled and trained to work according to a structured therapy model, works in collaboration with the girl's community, educational and therapeutic staff, etc.

Eden's residents study in Eden's school. Operated by Eden Association, the school was made to address their unique needs. As part of their daily routine, Eden's residents participate in: Art Therapies, Dog Assisted Therapy, Sports activities, enrichment lectures, Digital literacy skills advancement program, life skills workshops, etc.


   Thank you Eden's residential care for not giving up on me, and providing me with tools for life

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