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Eden's School

The girls arriving at Eden's have suffered complex traumatic events, which prevented them from fulfilling their academic potential.

Our 16 years of field experience has showed us that girls who have suffered such traumatic events need a unified holistic framework. Therefore, in 2010, we have created such educational framework specifically for our facility's residents.

As a feminine and unique institute our school aspires to create a ground of opportunities, where each of our residents feels loved and wanted. In our unique school our girls believe they can choose their own faith, try and succeed, while continuously raising their own bar.

Eden's school works in collaboration with Hila project in the Ministry of Education. The school is based on the principles of Emotional Mind Integration and practice. Our school works through an integrative model, by which the girl is in the center, and based on her abilities (and wishes) a tailor-made plan is made for each girl, through which she will advance her skills and capabilities, in these 3 domains.

We are proud of our school's success rates indicating 100% of our graduates complete 12 years of education, and 90% of them are eligible for a full or partial matriculation certificate.


I want my mom to be proud of me. I'm proud of me

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